Private Sessions

Thank you for your interest in booking a Private Session. Please fill in the form below and I will get back to you with my nearest availability.


  • Initial consultation of 2hrs = 1,500 SEK (including 25% VAT)

    Consecutive consultations:

  • 60 min/ 1 hr consultation = 1000 SEK (including 25% VAT)

  • 90 min/ 1,5 hr consultation = 1,500 SEK (including 25% VAT)

  • 120 min/ 2hr consultation = 1,800 SEK (including 25% VAT)


  • 5 X 1,5hr consultations = 6,500 SEK (including VAT) Pre-booked & Pre-payed (You save 1,000 SEK)

In Person Sessions are available in:

-Sweden in the Gnesta/ Jarna/ Stockholm area

or through Zoom internationally.

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The Heart of One values personal empowerment & responsibility. Spiritual awakening can be a journey of rapid change & transformation, as we move through the process of healing & expanding. During this session emotional processes and past wounding may be triggered for release. At times physical purging in the form of uncomfortable symptoms can also result, as your physical body releases deeply held toxins and patterns. While Heart of One - Healing & Facilitation is dedicated to support, nurture and empower you to work with these processes, you are the one in the drivers seat of your life and therefore hold full responsibility for ensuring your well-being. It is furthermore important to be aware that this session will not serve as a quick fix to your problems nor a substitute for the inner work required to manifest long term change in your life.
Liability Waiver *
By selecting "I understand and agree" you acknowledge that Dorian De Nobrega is not a medical doctor or clinical psychologist and therefore understand that his services are never substitutes for conventional medical, mental health or psychological diagnosis or treatment and should never be regarded as such. All treatments are solely intended for personal and spiritual development purposes, as it is understood that this is the essence level from which all else emanates. By registering for and/or receiving Dorian De Nobrega's services and/or selecting the checkbox below, you (&/ or your representative(s)) agree to indemnify and hold harmless Dorian De Nobrega (& Heart of One Healing & Facilitation) and any employees/agents of the Company of any and all claims or liability of whatsoever kind or nature arising out of or in connection with this/ these session(s) or the media content on this website.
Cancellation Policy *
You understand that by purchasing a private session you are paying for Dorian's time. If you need to cancel or re-book your session for any reason, please do so via e-mail or phone no less than 24hrs prior to your session commencement time. Failure to comply will result in the full session fee being due.