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Energy Medicine & intuitive Therapy

My private sessions combine energy work and intuitive guidance to facilitate healing and harmony across the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions of your being. Sessions intend to open, clear and balance your bodies energetic anatomy while guiding more of your souls essence into your body & life. This unique style of energetic medicine also works to balance, revitalize and harmonize the bodies organs, glands and physical systems in correspondence with the Chakra system and your souls deepest Truth. As a form of holistic therapy this kind of Energy Work also assists in the unification of your being, by exploring and reconnecting marginalized energies and forgotten aspects of self back into wholeness through the heart. A typical session combines energy work with process facilitation & support, depending on your needs. Whether you are experiencing physical, psychological or spiritual imbalances showing up in your life, Energy Work aligns with the guidance of your Soul to support congruence across all dimensions of your being and life.  


Dorian is an Energy Therapist, Facilitator and Intuitive Guide. He holds certification in Energy Healing & additional training in Energy Medicine, Process-Oriented Psychology, Health Psychology & Facilitation.

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New to Energy Medicine?


This form of energy medicine can be utilised as a form of complimentary therapy for:

  • Thyroid conditions

  • Hormonal imbalances

  • Central Nervous System Issues

  • Heart & Lung Conditions

  • Other Physical Health Challenges

  • Depression & Anxiety

  • Addictions & Addictive Tendencies

  • Behavioural Challenges

  • Extreme States of Consciousness

  • Other mental health issues

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Dorian is an inspired & inspiring human being, a powerful & sensitive man and a talented & fully trustworthy therapist. In his sessions, he knows how to hold the space to make you feel completely safe, and even more: at home. He is able to find a good balance between guiding you and following your own process, with so much respect & delicacy. His vulnerability & grounding will help you to contact your most hidden & tender parts, and integrate them into a fuller, brighter & deeper version of yourself.
— (Distance session recipient & Therapist)


Today really recommending the Energy Healing Work Dorian De Nobrega offers! He guided my soul into deep seeing, true self-love, and I was able to release and liberate my being. Feeling totally in awe for this skill! And in love!
— (In person Energy Medicine Recipient - Writer, Ceremony Master & Coach)
Dorian has amazing connection, control and access to healing and energy. As soon as he started to describe the process of energy clearing, energy moved strongly through my body. His reassuring voice and presence was so gentle, optimistic and yet commanding. And as he asked my guides again and again was there anything more wanted to be cleared, or needed to happen, I felt so taken care of, that everything that I needed was being accounted for, nothing would be left out. This was really emotional for me to feel so held.
— (Remote session recipient, energy worker & yoga teacher)
I feel deeply moved from the healing session. I did not know that healing hands, without any touch, could feel so strong. I feel like my body is filled up with light, gratitude and love.
— (In person energy work recipient, acupuncturist)
So deeply touched and full of gratitude for your healing. This was the closest I ever came to a medicine ceremony without sitting in one. Feeling in love! Thank you again!!!!
— (In person Session recipient; Ceremony Master, Coach, Poet)
Dorian is one of the most intuitive people I’ve met. He is gentle and thoughtful in his approach to people, which makes it easy to open up to what has to give. Dorian is honest and gives feedback from the heart. I warmly recommend him.
— (Mediation & counseling session recipient, massage therapist/ energy worker)
During the session I experienced an immediate positive effect in my energy field, and lots of energy being released through my spine. Afterwards I experienced that blockages in my relationships, for example, all of a sudden just disappeared! I also felt more energized and balanced afterwards.
— (Remote session recipient, sound healer & yoga teacher)
I have witnessed first hand the healing power and drive Dorian channels. He has always had this ability within him and I am lucky to have had him by my side through difficult times, reassuring me and reminding me of where to put my focus, to align with my truth and show myself the love I have so often sought in others. In recent times I can feel how Dorian has honed this gift and I cant wait to see the miracles that will unfold as he shares this in the world.
— (Remote healing recipient & film maker)

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in person session

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Zoom session