Throughout his short life Dorian has accumulated significant experience within many fields, from Youth & Community Work and Refugee Support to Emergency Ambulance Care. A big part of his spiritual expansion occurred through his passion and drive to serve others. 

While working & studying in his home in Australia, Dorian began an illuminating healing journey where he utilised alternative energy work & therapy modalities to begin dissolving & releasing some of the layers of protection and conditioning he had built up through childhood and adolescence. As the past pain and conditioning started to liberate itself, Dorian began to come into contact with more of his authentic multidimensional self. During this time his perception of himself and his life started to change drastically, as he began to realise he had been living and creating out of alignment with his true divine nature and potential.

Since then Dorian finds himself on a never ending journey of learning and expanding into the depths and balance of his masculine and feminine expression. His dream is to bridge Heaven to Earth by creating spaces, models & structures that assist people to anchor in the divinity of their heart and truly create from the brilliance of this expression. Through his deep connection to nature and the elemental realms, Dorian finds passion & joy in facilitating true co-creation and communion with nature and the subtle realms, as humanity slowly finds it’s way back to their role as Stewards of Life on Earth.

Education & Qualifications

Dorian is a university educated Community Development Practitioner & Certified Energy Therapist. He has additional training and knowledge in:

  • Process-Oriented Psychology,

  • Health Psychology,

  • Energy Medicine,

  • Eco-Village Design, 

  • Farm-Scale Permaculture & Regenerative Design,

  • Facilitation & Leadership,

  • Sustainable Community Development &

  • Emergency Ambulance Care.