Throughout his short life Dorian has accumulated significant experience within many fields, from Pre-hospital Health Care to Youth & Community Work and Refugee Support. A big part of his spiritual awakening occurred through his passion and drive to serve others. While working & studying, Dorian began an intensive healing journey where he utilized alternative healing and energy work modalities to begin dissolving & releasing the layers of protection and conditioning he had built up through childhood and adolescence. During this time his perception of himself and his life started to change drastically, as he began to realize that he had been taught nothing of the wonders of human capacity, spirituality and potential. Since then Dorian has developed a keen passion to help others realize their inherent beauty and brilliance while catalyzing, empowering and pioneering new ways of being & doing on Earth.


Dorian is a university educated Community Development Practitioner & Certified Energy Therapist, with additional training in Process-Oriented Psychology, Health Psychology, Eco-Village Design, Regenerative Design, Facilitation, Leadership, Sustainable Development & Pre-Hospital Health Care.