What we have been conditioned to search for out there has always been waiting to be rediscovered within us, quietly and silently existing in our hearts. The heart of humanity, The Heart of One. An entirely new world awaits us and its manifestation is originating from within you, your heart, your loving compassion. Keep moving with change, into change, the unknown. For you will soon realize that behind the cloak of unfamiliarity rests your natural state, your home, your joy. We have just forgotten.
— Dorian De Nobrega

Welcome to The Heart of One

Healing & Self Discovery

My name is Dorian and I am committed to supporting your journey of awakening and empowerment during these times of great change, transformation & renewal on our planet.

I am here to remind you that you are not here by accident. You are here for a very important reason: to transform humanity through the template of your being. This means you have come here to unleash the uninterrupted expression of your souls essence and beauty into our world.

As our inner & outer worlds continue to change, it has never been more important to stay connected to the constant and unshakable truth that rests within our hearts. I am excited to provide a range of offerings that support personal & collective awakening towards deeper realizations, expressions and manifestations of our true nature.

The purpose

The Heart of One exists to empower individual and collective awakening towards the co-creation of a world that honors the innocent nature of our hearts and serves the well-being of life as a whole.



Connecting to our hearts, each other & mother Earth.



Transforming through wounding, conditioning & limitation.



Co-creating from our true nature, purpose & potential.

The work

Energy Medicine & Intuitive Therapy

Supporting the healing of your being and the activation of your soul


New Earth Stewardship

Facilitating New Paradigm Project Design & Community Development

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Heart-Centered Self Discovery

Catalyzing spiritual awakening through personal & group discovery


New Earth Stewardship Dorian works to assist individuals & groups into deeper contact with their souls true essence, while supporting the manifestation and unfoldment of their divine purpose into tangible reality in their lives & our world.